My husband bought me a RollingStone Magazine, September issue, Tina Fey was on the cover. She looked like the clone of Sarah Palin, the running mate of US Presidential candidate John Mccain. In the advertisement section, there’s a controversial car known as KITT (Knight Industries 3000), also called “super car.” This car has advanced video surveillance, an intricate system that can tap into and co-opt any existing surveillance system anywhere in the world as well as any satellite orbiting the earth. It has Bio-Med drawer, an in-dash medical drawer comparable to one found in an ambulance. It comes with a biological substance sampler, a built-in centrifuge and a synthesizer that can automatically process an antidote directly into a syringe. The Orb located in the dashboard, this mechanism is a 3D glass ball that allows the driver to see voice recognition. When the driver communicates with his car, he can actually “look it in the eye.” Eyewitnesses swear that this car is capable of hacking into almost any computer system. They also say that its weapons system probably matches that of a Stealth fighter. Also, the car’s body is capable of transforming into the body of other vehicles and that this tricked-out sports car uses sophisticated holographic imagery to elude villains. More devices featured an in-dash fingerprint analyzer, anti-aircraft diversion flares and a cylon light that acts as a concentrated laser capable of serious destruction. Finally, a speculative power source, rumors range from amped up hydrogen to nuclear isotopes. Whatever it is, it gets 267 miles per gallon! Unbelievable, isn’t it? The car seems to have gone through some major upgrades and has never looked prepared to crush threats to national security. Police officials acknowledge that crime has declined since the car first appeared last month of February. This car was amazing!
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