I met one of my fellow Filipina, who owns a charity school, Crystal Spring International-USA, located in Mindanao, Philippines. Her name is Edith Hendrick from Bukidnon, Mindanao. I was impressed with her ability to put up an elementary and high school, it’s a tough job, though she’s aware of intense responsibility. I admired her for the success of the school. She has even gone to some impoverished countries to join in a medical mission and offer her public service. She’s just a little Filipina woman, but she has big heart and a goal for the children in our country. This morning, I went to my friend to help her packed the clothes, books, eye glasses, etc., that will be sent to the school. Those donations are from the Thrift Store, who wants to donate and help orphaned children in my country. It was overwhelming knowing there are still people who want to give and share blessings to others without having a doubt, or second thought. How I wish, after 3 or 4 years, I can do same public service in Samar province and Paranaque city, my home towns. I hope I am able to have a medical mission or offer public service. Well, in God’s will, I know nothing is impossible, perhaps someday this dream will come true.
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