I just want to give this entire space to my friend Demcy, to thank her for teaching me how to use blogs. To show my gratitude for introducing me to the world of blogging. I knew this stuff before, I’m aware some people do it for living and past time, but I wasn’t ready for this and I think I don’t have the guts to write blogs. The fact that I’m not fluent and grammatically correct in the English language. In short, I’m afraid that readers might not appreciate my writing. Before, I thought the notion of blogging was kind of boring, perhaps it’s good only for a genius or book minded person, but I was wrong. I found it interesting, like writing a diary on my everyday life, thoughts, experiences, reactions and swing moods in a different way. It’s quite entertaining also when I read other attractive blogs. I learned how to customize my profile and put some accessories to make it more appealing to readers. Once again, thank you Demcy for being nice. I hope you’ll get all the things you desire. Anyway, you can visit her site at http://demcyapdiandias.blogspot.com. Check her writings and enjoy reading.
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  1. sis! I have no words to say..that is very thoughtful of you...you don't need to do this...got tears on my eyes...heheh..don't hesitate to buzz me in my page if you need something..ok? You should add a shoutbox on your page so people can leave their message easily. Also, get an EC widget to increase your traffic. Also, join the blogcatalog,technorati,mybloglog,and pijoo..these are the sites that will help you to increase your rank and get connected with our fellow bloggers. These are the links:

    Have fun...just take your time! ingat!