We went to Nino’s Salvaggio, it’s an Italian market located at 10 Mile, Harper Ave. St Clair Shore. We bought some fruits, veggies, meat, and other stuff. It’s a nice market, you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables. They do have variety of breads, I was stunned how big their breads were. You’re going to like it for sure. This is the new market that we have visited. We usually shop at Manzella’s market, another Italian store for fruits and veggies. They have big place with lots of groceries in the store, located at 13 Mile, Harper Avenue. It’s a nice place too! We just want to visit other markets near our place. We don’t want to stick to one place to buy groceries. It’s good to know where to find a better place to buy stuff.
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  1. visit here today sis!..be back another day..just doing my blog hopping!

  2. richie007 Says:

    hehehe...nice pics
    james vick
    why company