It's a busy day for me yesterday, I don't have any time to write a blog. I even forgot to chat with my mom in the morning. She waited for me about an hour. I'm bad, I'm sorry mom! My mind was occupied with all the driving stuff. Actually, it was my first time on a freeway. I felt anxious, but I did a good job. While driving, I was sweaty and felt like I'm pooping hard. It's so funny, but I have mixed emotions at that time. Anyway, my friend Elizabeth is the one who was teaching me, we passed the freeway from 8 mile all the way to 16 mile. We were both quite impress of my driving, I did pretty well. I just need to familiarize myself with all the signs and pavements. That way, I can do it confidently without depending on others, and avoid driving slowly. Well, driving here in America isn't easy, it's a tough learning process especially when you're from another country. Whatever driving system in your homeland, better leave it behind. Here, you need to start from scratch in able for you to get a license. I made sure my daughter was safe, so I dropped off her to my friend Aira. I was surprise, she's behaved, and enjoyed visiting her. It's her first time to be with her so I'm kind of worried, that Aira will have a hard time with her, but I was wrong. I'm proud of my Little Princess, she's growing so fast and gained progress.

I just wanna say Thank You to my friends Elizabeth and Aira for doing me a favor.
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